This music video was made by the class of 2015 at my grad school. I've never met any of them (I graduated in 2011; they arrived in 2012), but I love them for this hilarity.

Good advice for any grad school program. Enjoy!


Magnetic Personality: A Short

Last year, I wrote, produced, and starred in a short film. And as of today, it is officially released on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!


Online Casting & Casting Groups, NYC


I wanted to share with you some of what I've learned so far about online casting websites and casting groups. Hope this is helpful.

- ActorsAccess.com -- It's ABSOLUTELY worth investing in. Actors Access is run by Breakdown Services. Every agent and manager in the business subscribes to "The Breakdowns", which list absolutely everything (film, television, theatre, commercial, web) that is casting. When productions are submitting to the breakdowns, apparently they can check a box saying that they are willing to accept non-agent submissions. And all those things get posted on Actors Access. It's a great place to get information. Also, I get emails from them multiple times a day when my self-specified type comes up in their new postings. Most postings allow me to submit directly from the site using my ShowFax subscription (another site under the Breakdown Services umbrella). 

- Amerifilm Casting -- Run by Meredith Marciano. She communicates with you mostly by email, which is different from most groups. She has a facebook page where people tell her they are available, but she mostly casts through CastingNetworks.com. Very pleasant to work with.

Answers4Dancers.com -- Haven't used it.

- BackStage.com -- I get a free online subscription because I write for Back Stage Unscripted. It's good. A great deal of the things posted are EPAs, which I could find on Playbill.com for free. There are also student films and pilot projects. I get emails once daily. (It hasn't been emailing me much lately... I should look into that.)

BroadwayWorld.com -- I use the site for the forums, but haven't used it for casting. Not even sure how to.

- CastingNetworks.com -- (Also known as LACasting.com and NYCasting.com -- not to be confused with NYCastings.com). I am OBSESSED with CastingNetworks. This is the absolute best format, because they make it SO SIMPLE to apply for things using your smart phone. (ActorsAccess and BackStage have pop-up windows, so applying via phone is a huge pain... unless you spend $12 to get the Actors Access app --which I did -- but then you can't go directly from the emails... so it sucks). Casting Networks is the best place to get background work (which occasionally pops up on ActorsAccess and BackStage, but generally only when incredibly specific types are needed; recent example being a blonde female harp player). I've also gotten several auditions for student films, and a couple for commercials. Worth every penny that I put into it.

- CastItTalent.com -- Formerly called "ActorCast". It's actually a pretty cool thing, and I wish I could say that I use it more than I do. Projects out in LA allow actors from all over the world to send in online video submissions. So you don't have to live in LA to audition for roles on things like Hot In Cleveland (that show seems to post a great deal). And I don't just mean background stuff... I mean actual roles. I've read some success stories online, and they are promoting the site as though it's going to change the industry. I don't know whether it will, but it's worth looking into. I'm just too lazy to videotape myself auditioning for anything.

- Central Casting -- Worth signing up for. They are a bi-coastal background casting agency. They want you to register with them in person, and you have to be there at an incredibly specific time (if you come 30 seconds late, they will turn you away... not kidding, this happened to me). Then they make you fill out paperwork, sit through a super lame "orientation", and take a photo of you that is of DMV-quality. They then sign you up for a free bastardized version of CastingNetworks, which only shows you Central Casting gigs. Why sign up? Because they're more likely to call you for background work if you do.

- Comer Casting -- Run by Heather Comer, they cast for The Good Wife. I've worked the show a few times.  It's almost always Heather herself who calls me, and she is super nice and super professional. I always feel sort of honored when I get a call from her. She casts out of both CastingNetworks and NYCastings, and she has cold-called me in the past.

EntertainmentCareers.net -- Haven't used it.

ExtrasAccess.com -- Just terrible. It's in the Breakdown Services family, and it's where they try to filter background work for non-union projects. Which means it's non-paying. Why on earth anybody would want non-paying background work is beyond me.

- Grant Wilfley Casting -- http://gwcnyc.com/casting.shtml -- Grant Wilfley is a background casting agency. I have gotten the majority of my background work through Grant Wilfley, using CastingNetworks. I have also signed up with them (a DMV-photo and paperwork), but they have never cold-called me.

Mandy.com -- I've barely used it. Doesn't seem worth it. Almost entirely non-union non-paying projects, and they seem decidedly less professional than things I've seen on other sites. But it's free, so that's nice.

- ModelPipeline.com -- I half-signed up (meaning I'm not paying for it) a couple of weeks ago. Doesn't seem worth the effort.

- NowCasting.com -- Primarily seems to be reality television, and there's almost always some sort of Tyler Perry open call on there. It's free, so I'm on it, but I've never gotten anything out of it. Seems to be of more use to people in LA.

- NYCastings.com -- The dumber younger sister of CastingNetworks. Some background work, a lot of student films, and a lot of really crappy looking non-paying theatre. Really frustrating format. Frequently tells me that I don't have full access to the site, even though I do, and then I have to go back and reload. Sends me WAY TOO MANY EMAILS. But I have gotten auditions through it, so I can't be too mad at it. Not sure that it's worth it. I think I'm dropping my subscription next quarter.

- Playbill -- Or really: http://www.playbill.com/jobs/find/category_listing/1.html -- Theatre only. A lot of EPAs. Free. I don't pay as much attention to it as I probably should... I have an agent who submits me for theatre, so I spend more time trying to get film/tv/commercial/web. But absolutely a valuable resource. Mad Dog Theatre Company posted their auditions for The Thrill of the Chase on it and got hundreds of responses for their off-off-Broadway show.

ShowBusinessWeekly.com -- Haven't used it.

StageDoorAccess.com -- Haven't used it.

- SylviaFayCasting.com -- You don't HAVE to pay for this site, and I don't. Sylvia Fay/Lee Genick only seems to cast Damages, Delocated, and the occasional movie. They called me once to do a featured role on Delocated (the director had chosen me), but I had already accepted another job and had to turn them down. They've never called me again. And apparently you can only work on Damages once per season.

- WulfCasting -- Called me in for one audition, and it was super shady. I felt like I was being ogled by a bunch of college guys at the audition. It might have been a one-off, but I'm a little wary of this group now.


Business Advice

I compiled a bunch of advice I received from actors and directors in NYC. If you’re serious about having a career as an actor, it’s worth a look.

Advice on the Business of Acting


The Rules of the Game -- Free Reading

I'm going to be directing a rehearsed reading/workshop of a new play this weekend, so I thought I'd invite pass along an invitation. :)

The reading is FREE!
Saturday, July 23rd @ 8pm
The HuB (First Building)
1413 Boulevard of the Arts
Sarasota, FL


*Warning: this play contains strong language throughout and adult material that some may find offensive.

**Please note: seating is limited and will be assigned on a first come first served basis.


by Philip Gawthorne

Cast: Sarah Brown, Megan DeLay, Jesse Dornan, Jake Staley and Lindsay Tierce
Directed by Angela Sauer

"Sometimes love is a contact sport..."

You are invited to a FREE rehearsed reading of 'The Rules of The Game', the new play from acclaimed British playwright Philip Gawthorne.

Gawthorne made his Sarasota debut in January with a reading of his play "The Thrill of the Chase" as part of the Asolo Rep Late Night Series. His previous work has been performed at various New York venues such as Atlantic Theater Studios, The Sanford Meisner Theatre, and Manhattan Theatre Source, as well as in London at the Old Vic, Royal Court, and Soho Theatres, amongst many others. Broadcast magazine recently listed Gawthorne as one of the top ten writers in the UK under the age of 30.

This is a rare opportunity to be the first audience at a special preview of his controversial latest play, a provocative exploration of contemporary sexual politics, which follows in the tradition of David Mamet, Neil LaBute and Patrick Marber.

Facebook event: The Rules of the Game


Interview: Angela on The Lynne Show

Hello everyone!

Several weeks ago, I did an interview, and the audio of it is now online!

Hear the podcasts at thelynneshow.com.

You should be able to right-click the podcasts to download them as well.


Here are the descriptions of interviews that my classmates, my professor, and I did:

"Actors are often stereotyped as self involved, but this year’s graduating class at the [Conservatory] program, disprove that myth. Listen to 6 of them and hear how thoughtful and altruistic they are. Also hear how grueling the training is – virtually each of them speaks of the terrifying need to surrender all they were before entering the program, and how amazing it is to discover that you are more than you thought you were. But first hear from [1st-year Acting Professor] – who they fought, resisted and finally came to credit with becoming the actors they want to be.

6/7/11 Interview – [1st-year Acting Professor] – is a Russian Immigrant. The son and grandson of writers and artists, [Acting Professor] wrote musicals and directed his parent’s friends in his plays, by the time he was 10 or 12. Luckily coming of age as Perestroika was occurring in Russia, [Acting Professor] was able to start his own theater as a very young man. Barely able to speak English, he met, courted and married an American Sociology student, and became a Professor of Acting at the prestigious [Conservatory] in [Florida]. Listen to his amazing story and his ideas about training actors. Keep these in mind when, in the following weeks, I air interviews with many of his students who have just graduated from that program, and talk at length about the impact that studying with [Acting Professor] had on them.

6/14/11 – Interviews - [Conservatory] Graduating Students [D-Train] and [Two-Shots-Up] are not only extremely talented actors but well rounded individuals, who made unusual choices on their way to the Conservatory, and, deciding once and for all - I am an actor

[D-Train] was in his first play when he was six years old and has not been out of work as an actor for more than 4 months since then. But while continuing to work as an actor from the very beginning, in college [D-Train] chose to major in Spanish and International Relations, taking the opportunity to live in Mexico and Spain. He was on the verge of submitting a proposal for a Fulbright scholarship to live in Spain, when he was accepted into the [Conservatory] Program. Listen to [D-Train] talk about the painful first year studying under “guru-guide” [1st-year Acting Professor], and quote fellow graduating student, Angela Sauer’s description of that first year with [Acting Professor]. (Hear Angela’s interview next week.).

[Two-Shots-Up] fell in love with the vision of her six year old self on a TV monitor outside of Sears, at the Mall where grandma would talk her for tea. Shy and unsure of herself she nonetheless communicated her love of performing to her Dad, who got her private acting lesions when she was fifteen years old. With this teacher [Two-Shots-Up] found the confidence she'd lacked. She had an agent and was working professionally by the time she was 18. But [Two-Shots-Up] wanted to expand her horizons and so she went to study in West Africa where she not only completed her college course work but had an opportunity to act and direct. Listen to [Two-Shots-Up] talk about honoring the “scared little girl” within and still becoming the glittering person she is on stage.

6/21/11 – Interviews - [Conservatory] Graduating Students Angela Sauer and [Thrill] not only define themselves as actors, but are dedicated to “being of service,” and to “giving back.”

Angela Sauer vacillated on the way to deciding that she was an actor. Her Mom put her in acting and dance classes by the time she was 3 and 4 years old. In high school she auditioned for roles in musicals, in order to be with her best friend. In college she hedged her bets by minoring in theater and majoring in just about everything else..And even when she took a full time job, she spent her nights in plays. Finally deciding that she needed additional training, Angela auditioned for and got into the [Conservatory] Program where she learned to do things she “didn't even know, that she didn't know how to do.” Angela says that “there are times when it’s really difficult to be an artist,” but knowing that she can “change people’s lives” with her craft, makes it all worth it.

[Thrill] – was a jock, he had no interest in acting. But in high school recognizing that his over abundance of energy wasn't being satisfied by athletics, and wanting to “stay out of trouble,” he enrolled in acting classes. It wasn't till his senior year that he finally took a role in a play; saw that his performance was making people cry, and thought perhaps this was something he could do. Following a friend who'd been accepted into the Howard University Acting program, [Thrill] applied, got accepted and his” life as a thespian started to kick off.” Listen to the internal struggle that a very talented and head strong young man, endured in order to complete the three rigorous and confining years that are the [Conservatory] program. And the dedication he has to giving back for the gift of his talent.

6/28/11 – Interview – As a very young child, [Iceman] was making up worlds in his mind. Luckily for [Iceman], his parents participated, encouraged and delighted in his imagination. Listen to his Mom’s explanation of how Santa Claus was able to get down the chimney and his Dad’s directness and explanation of the way energy between people can be affected. Not so good at sports, [Iceman] discovered that he was good at acting, and besides there were pretty girls in the theater classes. By the time he was in high school [Iceman] had a plan. He would be an actor and there would be no Plan B. Listen to his passion, dedication and commitment to what has become his life’s work.


A Tour of my School

Two-Shots-Up gives you a tour of my school building/theatre. (With a guest appearance by Thrill.)