I've noticed that a lot of people stop by this site, and then click on tons of links from my list of "Related Blogs". Normally, I have it set so that the blogs with the most recent posts are showing, but that shows heavy bias to blogs with frequent posts (which are usually not personal blogs). So here's a list to recognize some great sites out there that might be of interest to people who read mine!

(NOTE: I do not read all of these on a regular basis -- I'm a busy grad student after all -- but I still thought they still might be interesting for others to check out.)

My Personal Favorites:

- A Drop of Water
Tim just graduated from college. He is now working with a professional theatre company in a town of less than 800 people. He excited about the theatre, and he seems like a great guy. I've really enjoyed reading about his journey. He's also starting a new, more acting-centered blog, Actor Called Tim.

- Actress in the City
"Miss Musical" is a Minnesota-native who posts about her life in NYC. It's not strictly about her acting career (she talks about dating a lot as well, as well as assorted topics... like her love of Girl Scout Cookies), but it's a great blog. She refers to her readers as "lovlies", and is generally delightful. She goes on auditions for musicals in the city all the time, and frequently gets great feedback and callbacks, but is still waiting for a break. I'm really rooting for her!

- Back from the Dead
Sara has been studying special effects make-up. She has some really great pictures on her blog. I found her blog because I'm friends with her sister. It's a side of film that I really knew nothing about before checking out her blog. She doesn't post often, but I recommend checking out her archive. Very cool.

- Dennis Baker, LLC
Dennis Baker and I don't see eye to eye on everything, but I enjoy reading his blog anyway. He always finds interesting, relevant things to write about.

- is it real, or am i dreaming?
Written by a girl I went to college with. She's now an aspiring Stage Manager.

- Notes on Acting
David Millstone's blog is very near and dear to my heart because of his education being similar to my own. He recently graduated with his MFA in Acting from the University of Houston, and has been acting at the Oklahoma Shakespeare Festival this summer.

- NYT > Theatre
I met the guy who runs this site recently, and he puts a lot of effort into all the multimedia functions of it. It's really a great resource if you're interested in getting a closer look at theatre in NYC.

- The Road to a Dream's Reality
I met Alfie last December when he was performing in Barnum at my Rep theatre. He's the funniest guy ever (he once bought a tacky holiday sweater off of a woman he saw shopping at Goodwill to wear to an Ugly Sweater Party), and is super nice. He's in his Broadway debut now, dancing in South Pacific. I'm so excited for him!

- Shakespeare Geek
It seems almost hard to believe that someone could have enough material to write about Shakespeare on a regular basis, but it's true. And this man's love for Shakespeare comes up in his daily life frequently (he tells his children about the plays as bedtime stories, and sings a sonnet to them as a lullaby). It's great to know that there are people out there (non-actors!) still celebrating the Bard regularly.

- Unscripted (by Back Stage)
Written by a group of regularly contributing actors.


- Actress on the Rise

- An Actor, Unedited

Bethany D. Hart: Support the Arts. Kiss an Actress

- Dream Chaser

- The Erin Cronicals

- The Fabulous Adventures of Astera: Writer/Actress for Hire

- for your VINformation

- Hi Diddly Dee, an Actor's Life for Me

- Holliewood

- Hot and Nearly Famous

- i love this city always

- Living Truthfully

- Lydia's Journey in Hollywood

- MN 2 Hollywood

- Musings of an Aging Ingenue

- My Shining Palace: An Actor's Journal

- My World of Acting

- Passing Understanding

- Perspectives

- Photoplayer Hater

- Random Musings from the Downbeat

- Receptionist, Not Slave

- Salut Minou

- Scenes from a Charmed Life

- Sheylara

- Showman/Shaman

- The Spiritual Creative

- Star in the Making

- Stephon's World

- StinkyLulu

- Suzanne Ford: LA Actor's Life Examiner

- That Girl Crystal

- Umbrella Blue

- Visible Soul

- The Voice of an Actor


- Mike McCafferty?
Mike creates his own material. He frequently posts videos on his site. He doesn't post often, so he often gets lost on my blogroll.

Advice for Actors

- Actor-Preneur
Written by an agent. He stresses the "business" part of "show business".

- The Actors Blog Network
An collection of posts from other acting blogs.

- Answers for Actors
Written by Paul Russell Casting

- Artist Magnet

- Bite-Size Business for Actors

- Blog Stage (from Back Stage)

- Headshot Blog

- New York Acting News: Entertainment Bleekly

- Innerstage

- Knock 'Em Dead Acting

- The Secret of Theatrical Space


- ArtsBeat (from the New York Times)

- Broadway Blog (from New York Show Tickets)

- Broadway Pulse (from Broadway World)

- (featured content)

- Culturebot

- Espresso: A Daily Jolt of News (by Back Stage)

- Musical Theatre Spot

- Parabasis

- The Playgoer

- Theatre Ideas


- The ActorCast Blog

- Auditions and Casting

Specific Theatres

- The Artists Formerly Known as Milwaukee Shakespeare

- Backstage at Seattle Rep

- Praxis Theatre

- Westport Country Playhouse -- The Playhouse Blog


- The JRB Weblog
Written by Jason Robert Brown

- Pam/Jenna MySpace Blog
Written by Jenna Fischer

- Simply Broadway
Written by Aaron Lazar

- WWdN: In Exile
written by Wil Wheaton


- Back Stage 411: Casting FAQ

- Community Perspectives: Riffing with John Clinton Eisner

- Creating Theater
Written by a director.

- Method-ology

- NYU Educational Theatre Graduate Student
Also written by Dennis Baker.

- Off-Stage-Right

- One Producer in the City

- Pataphysical Science

- Ryan J. Davis

- Script Shadow

99 Seats

The Abundant Artist

The Actor's Voice

atélier toira

Bethany D. Hart: Support the Arts. Kiss an Actress

The Blog of Photographer and Make-Up Artist Bradford Rogne

The Casting Corner

Casting Scoop

Commercial Success

Dear Old Hollywood

First Person (by Back Stage)

JB in Hollywood


Los Angeles Acting blog by David August

Michael Davidson's MFA Blog (He started it in September, and he's the only blogger I know of that blogs regularly about the process of getting an MFA in Acting aside from myself)

Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood Daily

Passing Understanding

Secret Agent

Shenita Moore's Life As An Actor

The Show Biz

Sparkling Starlet: Actress in the Making

Something Kinda Wonderful (by Dylan Hauck, a dot-comrade of mine from my BWW days)

Dream Chaser: The Ambitious Adventures of an Up and Coming Actress

Krista Pioppi (currently on the National Tour of Spring Awakening)

The Acting Student

Not So Secret Journal: Erika Rose

The Producer's Prospective

Independent Theater Bloggers Association