Plugging: Project: Theater

A friend of mine, Jessi Blue recently wrote me about her fiancé's theatre company. It's called Project:Theater. They're currently producing The Secretaries by The Five Lesbian Brothers, May 21-June 4 at the 78th Street Theatre LAB in New York. So if you're in town, check it out!


Saturday, May 23

The Edge of Peace Workshop

This week, I worked with playwright Suzan Zeder on a workshop of the play she's currently finishing up: The Edge of Peace. It's the final play in a trilogy that she's been working on since 1982 (the first two plays were Mother Hicks and The Taste of Sunrise, but it stands on its own as well.

It's a beautiful play that involves a deaf character (who, it is specified, must be played by a deaf actor). I had to learn a bit of sign language for my role.

I played the role of "Girl", who is born in The Taste of Sunrise and is the main character of Mother Hicks. She's a sassy 23-year-old who is a Women's Air Service Pilot in World War II. It was a fun new type of role for me, and I loved it.

D-Train and Newbie were in the reading as well. D-Train read the role of an 11-year-old boy named Buddy (and he did a wonderful job providing most of the comedic moments of the play). Newbie played June Ricks, a war-wife whose husband is M.I.A.

D-Train, me, and Newbie before the reading

We had a final reading of it yesterday, and actually had a pretty good turn out. We did a talk-back afterward, and the audience had some very insightful feedback. It was great being able to share that work with people.

It felt great being on stage again, even though it was only a reading. Aside from understudy runs and open-classes, I haven't performed in ages. It feels so right. I know this is what I was born to do.

Also really exciting? During the rehearsal process, they made us mugs! In the Repertory company, each actor has a mug in the rehearsal room labeled with their name that they can use throughout the rehearsal period. And for this, I got a mug! I was so stoked!


Three Postcards Food: The Contest!

I thought it would be fun to see if my readers can guess what the food I prepared for Three Postcards actually is. What's real? What's fake? What is something other than it is? Leave your guesses in the comments section, or email them to angelaacts@gmail.com. The person who I think has the best guesses will win a prize. :)

So here are the food things that I was in charge of preparing for every performance of the musical Three Postcards, along with what they were supposed to represent. Happy guessing!!!

"Seafood mousse with mushroom caps and fried grapes"

"Cream of fennel soup"

"Cornish hen with bulgar wheat"

"Veal paillard"

"The duck"

"Rum-flavored apple aspic"

"Coffee and cream"

Saturday, May 9

Hello loyal readers!

I have, in fact, been working on things for graduate school since classes ended. Lots of things. And I keep thinking to myself, "I should blog." But sometimes life gets in my way.

So instead of writing one long, epic blog post listing everything, I'm just going to write little posts with bits and pieces of the things I've been working on, in a belated fashion. :)

Keep checking back for things like:

- meeting Craig Lucas

- watching "Julius Caesar" and "Much Ado about Nothing"

- the Playwrights festival

- Assessments

- our Class Meeting

- pictures of the props I worked with on "Three Postcards"

All good things,