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I compiled a bunch of advice I received from actors and directors in NYC. If you’re serious about having a career as an actor, it’s worth a look.

Advice on the Business of Acting


The Rules of the Game -- Free Reading

I'm going to be directing a rehearsed reading/workshop of a new play this weekend, so I thought I'd invite pass along an invitation. :)

The reading is FREE!
Saturday, July 23rd @ 8pm
The HuB (First Building)
1413 Boulevard of the Arts
Sarasota, FL


*Warning: this play contains strong language throughout and adult material that some may find offensive.

**Please note: seating is limited and will be assigned on a first come first served basis.


by Philip Gawthorne

Cast: Sarah Brown, Megan DeLay, Jesse Dornan, Jake Staley and Lindsay Tierce
Directed by Angela Sauer

"Sometimes love is a contact sport..."

You are invited to a FREE rehearsed reading of 'The Rules of The Game', the new play from acclaimed British playwright Philip Gawthorne.

Gawthorne made his Sarasota debut in January with a reading of his play "The Thrill of the Chase" as part of the Asolo Rep Late Night Series. His previous work has been performed at various New York venues such as Atlantic Theater Studios, The Sanford Meisner Theatre, and Manhattan Theatre Source, as well as in London at the Old Vic, Royal Court, and Soho Theatres, amongst many others. Broadcast magazine recently listed Gawthorne as one of the top ten writers in the UK under the age of 30.

This is a rare opportunity to be the first audience at a special preview of his controversial latest play, a provocative exploration of contemporary sexual politics, which follows in the tradition of David Mamet, Neil LaBute and Patrick Marber.

Facebook event: The Rules of the Game


Interview: Angela on The Lynne Show

Hello everyone!

Several weeks ago, I did an interview, and the audio of it is now online!

Hear the podcasts at thelynneshow.com.

You should be able to right-click the podcasts to download them as well.


Here are the descriptions of interviews that my classmates, my professor, and I did:

"Actors are often stereotyped as self involved, but this year’s graduating class at the [Conservatory] program, disprove that myth. Listen to 6 of them and hear how thoughtful and altruistic they are. Also hear how grueling the training is – virtually each of them speaks of the terrifying need to surrender all they were before entering the program, and how amazing it is to discover that you are more than you thought you were. But first hear from [1st-year Acting Professor] – who they fought, resisted and finally came to credit with becoming the actors they want to be.

6/7/11 Interview – [1st-year Acting Professor] – is a Russian Immigrant. The son and grandson of writers and artists, [Acting Professor] wrote musicals and directed his parent’s friends in his plays, by the time he was 10 or 12. Luckily coming of age as Perestroika was occurring in Russia, [Acting Professor] was able to start his own theater as a very young man. Barely able to speak English, he met, courted and married an American Sociology student, and became a Professor of Acting at the prestigious [Conservatory] in [Florida]. Listen to his amazing story and his ideas about training actors. Keep these in mind when, in the following weeks, I air interviews with many of his students who have just graduated from that program, and talk at length about the impact that studying with [Acting Professor] had on them.

6/14/11 – Interviews - [Conservatory] Graduating Students [D-Train] and [Two-Shots-Up] are not only extremely talented actors but well rounded individuals, who made unusual choices on their way to the Conservatory, and, deciding once and for all - I am an actor

[D-Train] was in his first play when he was six years old and has not been out of work as an actor for more than 4 months since then. But while continuing to work as an actor from the very beginning, in college [D-Train] chose to major in Spanish and International Relations, taking the opportunity to live in Mexico and Spain. He was on the verge of submitting a proposal for a Fulbright scholarship to live in Spain, when he was accepted into the [Conservatory] Program. Listen to [D-Train] talk about the painful first year studying under “guru-guide” [1st-year Acting Professor], and quote fellow graduating student, Angela Sauer’s description of that first year with [Acting Professor]. (Hear Angela’s interview next week.).

[Two-Shots-Up] fell in love with the vision of her six year old self on a TV monitor outside of Sears, at the Mall where grandma would talk her for tea. Shy and unsure of herself she nonetheless communicated her love of performing to her Dad, who got her private acting lesions when she was fifteen years old. With this teacher [Two-Shots-Up] found the confidence she'd lacked. She had an agent and was working professionally by the time she was 18. But [Two-Shots-Up] wanted to expand her horizons and so she went to study in West Africa where she not only completed her college course work but had an opportunity to act and direct. Listen to [Two-Shots-Up] talk about honoring the “scared little girl” within and still becoming the glittering person she is on stage.

6/21/11 – Interviews - [Conservatory] Graduating Students Angela Sauer and [Thrill] not only define themselves as actors, but are dedicated to “being of service,” and to “giving back.”

Angela Sauer vacillated on the way to deciding that she was an actor. Her Mom put her in acting and dance classes by the time she was 3 and 4 years old. In high school she auditioned for roles in musicals, in order to be with her best friend. In college she hedged her bets by minoring in theater and majoring in just about everything else..And even when she took a full time job, she spent her nights in plays. Finally deciding that she needed additional training, Angela auditioned for and got into the [Conservatory] Program where she learned to do things she “didn't even know, that she didn't know how to do.” Angela says that “there are times when it’s really difficult to be an artist,” but knowing that she can “change people’s lives” with her craft, makes it all worth it.

[Thrill] – was a jock, he had no interest in acting. But in high school recognizing that his over abundance of energy wasn't being satisfied by athletics, and wanting to “stay out of trouble,” he enrolled in acting classes. It wasn't till his senior year that he finally took a role in a play; saw that his performance was making people cry, and thought perhaps this was something he could do. Following a friend who'd been accepted into the Howard University Acting program, [Thrill] applied, got accepted and his” life as a thespian started to kick off.” Listen to the internal struggle that a very talented and head strong young man, endured in order to complete the three rigorous and confining years that are the [Conservatory] program. And the dedication he has to giving back for the gift of his talent.

6/28/11 – Interview – As a very young child, [Iceman] was making up worlds in his mind. Luckily for [Iceman], his parents participated, encouraged and delighted in his imagination. Listen to his Mom’s explanation of how Santa Claus was able to get down the chimney and his Dad’s directness and explanation of the way energy between people can be affected. Not so good at sports, [Iceman] discovered that he was good at acting, and besides there were pretty girls in the theater classes. By the time he was in high school [Iceman] had a plan. He would be an actor and there would be no Plan B. Listen to his passion, dedication and commitment to what has become his life’s work.


A Tour of my School

Two-Shots-Up gives you a tour of my school building/theatre. (With a guest appearance by Thrill.)


Help Katey & Ron

My classmate (known as O.D.) and his fiancé recently lost most of their possessions in a fire.

They are getting married in September, but have depleted their savings in trying to replace what was lost.

To find out how you can help out, please go to their website.

Help Us Rebuild

Thank you.



The End of the Road

Well Ladies and Gents, it has finally happened. I have graduated.

As of Monday, my classmates and I now all hold our MFAs in Acting.

Of course, that doesn't mean we're done here, by any means. We've had three performances of Las Meninas (and D-Train has had a few of Deathtrap), and we will continue doing that show for two more weeks. Additionally, Las Meninasis going to tour to Miami near the end of May.

And then, of course, there's the unofficial class holiday at the tail end of the month: All-the-Way and Killer are getting married. So I'll be sticking around for that.

Man, I'm going to miss these guys.


Local Showcase Today!

If you are in town, we are having our local Showcase today. It is in the Cook Theatre at 1pm.

We will be performing the same 10 scenes that we will do in NYC one week from today!



Drunken Shakespeare

D-Train came up with the idea to do Shakespeare scenes in a bar, during which time both actors and audience would be drinking. And last week, his idea came to fruition at a The Closet (which is a vintage/art store called "Everything But the Girl" by day, and a small performance space by night.

I chose to stick to drinking water (no, seriously, I did; Voice Professor taught me well). But I did some Shakespeare anyway. :)

I did a Luciana monologue from The Comedy of Errors (in a very contemporary style), and a Constance monologue from King John (in a New York dialect). I also helped Iceman as a silent Isabella in his Angelo speeches from Measure for Measure, and D-Train as a silent Ophelia to Dane's Hamlet in his "To be, or not to be?" soliloquy.

It was SO MUCH FUN!!! I hope we get the opportunity to do it again.

Two awesome photographers came and documented the event, and I'm completely obsessed with their shots, so I thought I'd share them here!

The first batch came from Scott Braun.

The second group are by Gabriel Hernandez


Unplugged Series article

Here's an article about the upcoming "Unplugged" series, where we are doing workshops and readings of new plays.

Rep tests out new plays in ‘Unplugged’ series

I'm going to be in the play "Some of the People, All of the Time" by Jamie Pachino. :)


Presenting: The Class of 2011

(Top Row - Left to Right): Newbie, Thrill, D-Train, Wifey, Two-Shots-Up, Killer, All-the-Way
(Bottom Row) O.D., Iceman, Angela

(Top Row - Left to Right): D-Train, Wifey, Two-Shots-Up, Iceman
(Bottom Row) All-the-Way, Killer, Thrill, Newbie, Angela, O.D.

I thought you might enjoy looking at some pictures of my famously attractive class.

(Seriously, don't we look like the cast of a hip new show on network television?)

We are just now launching our Showcase Website. Check it out!

The photos were taken by Janna Giacoppo, who is an amazing photographer and a lovely person. Our website has been designed by Sean Patrick Henry, who has been super helpful, and a delight to work with.


Conservatory Life: Our 1st-Years

A local critic/journalist has been following around the current 1st-year class, and will continue to do so for the next two years of their training.

Here's his most recent article:

Conservatory students get technical in acting class

And you can check out a series of photographs of the 1st-years in classes and Late Nights here:

Conservatory Acting Class photo gallery


Las Meninas: Style Lesson

Our historic style coach, Jimmy, during one of our rehearsals for Las Meninas

(or click here.)


Las Meninas Promo

A promo video for Las Meninas. If you're quick, you might notice me, in a black wig and silver dress.

It's formatting a little strangely on the blog for some reason... so if you have trouble seeing it here, click over to:

Las Meninas Sizzles


Wingspace: Las Meninas

This website has some incredible photographs of our production of Las Meninas. The design elements of this show are stellar. Check it out!

Las Meninas production design

(A shot from the scene where I play a nun. I'm the one on stage right.)


Grief Splattered Canvas

Remember how Wifey's husband is making a film noir piece?

There's an article about him in the paper today!

Aspiring filmmaker says its noir or never

He's changed the title (to "Grief Spattered Canvas", which I think is AWESOME), and has decided to make the project into a short film instead of a feature.

To read more about his project, and to find out how you can help, check out his Kickstarter page here:

Kickstarter: Grief Splattered Canvas

You can also visit their blog to watch a teaser trailer and a test scene for the film.

Please help if you can! They have already reached their initial fundraising goal, so the film WILL GET MADE. But every little bit helps!



New Blog Alert: Gunnar's Mother

So many new blogs cropping up!

A former schoolmate of mine graduated from the Conservatory in May and had a baby in November. Now she's blogging about being a mommy to her adorable son, Gunnar. Check it out!

Gunnar's Mother


New Blog Alert: Wedding DIY

Another one of my classmates has started a blog, but this one has nothing to do with theatre.

I don't know if I've mentioned this on my blog, but my classmates Killer & All-The-Way have fallen madly in love with each other during our three years at school, and are getting married. Super exciting! They got engaged on Valentine's Day of our 2nd-year, and their wedding is going to be in May, a week after Las Meninas closes.

All-The-Way is super crafty, and she has started a blog about wedding-related Do-It-Yourself projects. She's just started it this week, but I've seen the fruits of some of her labors in real life and can attest to the fact that there are tons of good posts to come.

Check it out!

Alicia Dawn's DIY: for the No Nonsense Bride


New Blog Alert: Queen Marie Therese

Wifey has a Tumblr blog to document bits and pieces about Las Meninas. She started it months ago, but I just realized I've never mentioned it on here!

There are pictures of costumes and sets, promo shots, and even paintings of the real Queen Marie Therese (whom Wifey is portraying in the play) and other characters. Check it out!

Queen Marie Therese Tumblr

Saturday, March 12

Unplugged Festival
The press release for the upcoming Unplugged Festival hit the internet today, so I think that means I am now allowed to announce my casting. The festival is to workshop new plays, culminating in readings.

I will be in Some of the People, All of the Time by Jamie Pachino. It will be directed by Artistic Director (he is also directing Las Meninas that I'm in, which opens this coming week).

The description in the press release is:
A priceless collection of Japanese art surfaces and two rival art dealers struggle to find out the truth about the collection's history. Nothing is quite as it appears in this compelling story of passion, art and double dealing.

The performance of this one will be Thursday, April 14 at 2:00pm.

Las Meninas
We had a rehearsal on stage with our set earlier this week (it's unusual to have that happen before tech here, because there are other shows in performing in repertory on the same stage). And as a result of that rehearsal, I'm pretty sure that this is going to be one of the craziest tech periods I've ever had.

The set is mechanized (which is REALLY COOL, by the way), so it might take some time to get the cues down. Also, the actors are moving the set, and several of the entrances onto the set are more narrow than we had been anticipating. Also, some of the wider entrances open up from hidden double doors to the set, and so each time we move large furniture (like beds) through them, there have to be two people holding the doors open so that they are FULLY open, or else the beds won't fit. Not to mention that we're doing all of this in period costumes and platform shoes (one of the main characters is supposed to be a little person, so the rest of us are in platforms to help make him look smaller).

Boeing Boeing
We were sold out for Boeing Boeing earlier this week. We've done it on Wednesday and Thursday, and we're doing it again on Saturday. After that (as a result of Las Meninas tech/opening week), we won't do it again for a long stretch of time.


Monday, March 7

Today, my theatre did its season announcement for next year. It's strange to think that I won't be around for that season. Three years is a long time to be somewhere. This is my home now. Today was the first time it really hit me that I won't be here for much longer. And that was a little hard to take.

We've been rehearsing for 1 month, 6 days (according to an app on my iPod Touch called "Time Flies", which I love). We are going on the set for the first time tomorrow for a designer run through (which means we'll do the play in front of the designers for the first time, so they can see what the show is becoming). We start tech next week. Our first preview is on the 16th, and we open on the 18th. I think this is the longest rehearsal process I've been in since high school, which is a result of having to schedule our rehearsals around the performances in the Rep calendar.

We had a string last week where I believe we got to do the show 5 times in 6 days, which was lovely. But now we haven't done it since Thursday, and we're not doing it again until Wednesday. Rep is so weird sometimes.

Despite the gaps in our schedule, we're doing quite well. We've been finding new things in the show, which is always a nice place to be. The two performances we had last week were particularly fun, I thought.

Also neat: I got to see the understudy run of the show! It was so cool! I've never been able to SEE a show that I've been IN. There are sight gags that the guys pull while I'm on stage with them that I've never been able to watch, so it was neat to see how they play out. It really is a delightful play. Congrats to our awesome understudies!

We had our first official Las Meninas understudy rehearsal on Saturday morning. It didn't feel like the first for me, as I have gone on in my role many times in rehearsal. I'm understudying our Acting Professoressa, who plays both the Queen Mother and the Mother Superior. Whenever our rehearsal times conflict with her class schedule, then I have to step in for her. I believe that there's only one scene of hers that I have as of yet to do, which is a scene that is predominantly her character talking (so when she's unable to attend rehearsal, they skip over that scene instead of putting me into it). As a result, I'm mostly off book already, and I know most of her blocking. So that's nice.

On Sunday, we did the first readthrough of Deathtrap with the understudies. I am understudying the role of Helga Ten Dorp, the Dutch psychic. Voice Professor gave me some materials so that I can work on the Dutch accent, but I haven't had time to work much with them yet. Right now, my Dutch sounds like a cross between German and Italian. It's not accurate, but it's pretty funny. I'm excited to work on this role.

Unfortunately for me, Las Meninas and Deathtrap rehearse at exactly the same times! There are people in both casts who are in Boeing Boeing AND there are people in both casts who are in Twelve Angry Men. As a result, whenever either BB or 12AM are performing, then NEITHER of the other plays can rehearse. As a result, the blocks of time that are open to rehearse for them are the same times as each other. This means that it's going to be VERY difficult for Wifey (who is understudying the wife), Thrill (who is understudying the lawyer), and I to attend any Deathtrap rehearsals until they're in tech. So we're going to have to try to get as off-book as we can, and then learn the blocking at the last minute. YIKES!


Boeing Boeing: Airline Slogans of the '60s

They filmed this in our dressing rooms during our performance last Saturday. :)


Monday, February 21

Las Meninas
The rehearsals for Las Meninas are going well. We have blocked the entire show, and run each act separately... and we don't open for another month.

I've been going on as an understudy for all or part of most rehearsals. I'm understudying Acting Professoressa in her two roles as The Queen Mother & The Mother Superior. Because of her teaching schedule, when we rehearse from 11-4 or 12-5, she has to leave at 1:30, and I'm her for the rest of the day. Also, she's been off on recruitment (auditioning students for the incoming class of 2014... oh my!), so I've been playing her roles while she was out of town. At this point, I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that I've been in her roles more than she has.

On the one hand, that's great: understudies don't generally get this much rehearsal, and I'm further along in learning the lines/blocking than I would be otherwise. But on the other hand, it's tough: because I'm playing my own character AND her two characters, I get confused a lot. I keep missing one entrance as the Mother Superior because I'm already on stage as my own role, a Lady-in-Waiting. (My understudy can't attend most rehearsals because she's in classes). I feel like I'm letting everyone down.

Wifey, Thrill, and Two-Shots-Up all have HUGE roles in this show, and they're rocking them. As the Artistic Director (who is directing this show) said, Las Meninas is the show this season where there are students in the main roles, and the Equity cast is supporting the students. It's neat to see. I'm super proud of them.

Boeing Boeing
The show has been a lot of fun. We only perform it about once a week, which is tough (quite a memory exercise). But I love it when we do perform it. Our audiences have been terrific, and we've been sold out or close to it for every performance we've had, which is awesome.

I have 5 assisted changes during the show, which I am making with the assistance of two lovely ladies named Deborah and Michelle. Deborah is our costume crew, and Michelle is wigs/hair/makeup. All of my changes involves hats/headpieces/wigs getting put on or taken off, so Michelle does that while Deborah helps me with costume pieces/accessories/shoes/props. It's kind of crazy. But the funny thing is, when I tell people who have seen the show that I have 5 assisted changes, they can't think of any of them! A couple of those changes are SUPER FAST, but the stuff happening on stage is so dynamic that the audience doesn't realize that I just changed out of my (incredibly complex) air hostess uniform and into a nightgown in 20 seconds.

Donor Brunch
The 3rd-Years had our annual brunch with donors this past weekend. It was lovely. It's amazing to be in a room with that many people who love and support you.

I mentioned to them that I'm working on moving to London, and I need a way to do it and be legally able to work. If anyone reading this has any suggestions or ideas, please let me know.

We have chosen our scenes for our New York Showcase in April, and have started rehearsing them. I'm doing a scene with Two-Shots-Up and a scene with Thrill, both of which are comedic. I'm happy with what I ended up with.

The Thrill of the Chase
We did a free staged reading of a play my boyfriend wrote while he was visiting me from London. We had a great turn-out, especially considering that we did mostly word-of-mouth advertising. The reading was fantastic (and I'm not just saying that because I was in it). People seemed to be really affected by the piece (which is dark and twisted), and I'm STILL getting comments from them about it, and how glad they were that we did it. I'm glad we did it, too. :)

The Love Late Night
The 4th Annual Love Late Night was a huge success. I did a monologue that I wrote myself. D-Train and 1st-Year SB did a scene that my boyfriend wrote. We had a great time.


Summer Theatre Auditions

My school has decided to start a new tradition: bringing down representatives of theatres who are doing summer theatre seasons so that we can audition for them. This round of auditions is being called the "first annual", so apparently, the plan is to continue them (which, frankly, is genius... and I can't believe we never did this before).

Kentucky Shakespeare, Nebraska Shakespeare, Hangar Theatre, Banyan Theatre, and American Stage all sent representatives (Colorado Shakespeare was originally slated to come, but unfortunately was unable to attend).

I did two pieces I've done before, so that I'd feel confident and not stressed out. I think it went well. They laughed a great deal at my comedic contemporary, so I think I had them on board.

I had a callback to Nebraska Shakespeare this morning. The gentleman had me read for Helena in A Midsummer Night's Dream (which is, coincidentally, my DREAM ROLE), as well as Horatio in Hamlet. It was a really fun callback. He put me at ease. :)

I'll let you know if it pans out.


Here Sat Tori

Several of my compatriot students are involved in an upcoming film project called "Here Sat Tori". The writer/director/producer/visionary of which is the husband of my classmate, Wifey. (I guess we should call him "Hubby"?)

He has started a Kickstarter campaign to help get his movie made. If you're not familiar with Kickstarter, my understanding of it is this...

You pledge a certain amount of money towards a goal. By pledging, you get a certain level of reward for your participation by the projects founder if the project gets fully funded. If the goal is not met by pledges, then no one donates money at all.

Regardless of how you feel about the concept, or whether you have the ability to contribute, GO TO THE LINK AND WATCH THE VIDEO (because wow, it's brilliant):

Kickstarter: Here Sat Tori

The video in the link above is Hubby (with a cameo by Wifey) talking about his project. And I love it. So, so much.

edited to add: Look! I figured out how to embed it!


This videos below are DIFFERENT videos than the one I mentioned loving a second ago. So don't miss out on the one above, because it's my favorite.


The first is the teaser trailer, starring 2nd-Year B.B.

"Here Sat Tori" Teaser Trailer from Nick Tierce on Vimeo.

The second is a test scene, starring 2nd-Year B.B. and 2nd-Year K.C.

A test scene from "Here Sat Tori" from Nick Tierce on Vimeo.


Boeing Boeing Scenes Video

A little video of Boeing Boeing. Can you spot me?


Conservatory Students at Guild Meeting

I was invited to a Guild meeting this week, but was unable to attend.

A few of my classmates did, though! Check out this video, with Two-Shots-Up, Iceman, and D-Train.


Free Staged Reading: 01/31/11

Hey everybody!

I'm doing a Late Night this coming Monday, and I thought I should mention it here. Sorry for the late notice, but please come if you can. It's a free staged reading, very casual. My boyfriend is in town from London. He's a fantastic (award-winning) playwright and screenwriter, so we're doing a reading of one of his plays. It's rated-R for graphic/violent content, but it's only a reading (so the violence/sex will not be staged... just read in stage directions).

Please come if you can. Information below. :)



Monday, January 31st @8pm

"The Thrill of the Chase"
by Philip Gawthorne

Starring: Devereau Chumrau, Dane Dandridge Clark, Jesse Dornan, and Angela Sauer
Directed by Nick Tierce

A provocative drama that explores themes of masculinity, religion, and loyalty through an explosive conflict between two lifelong friends.

When Nicky reneges on their break-up pact, Charlie proposes a dark wager which threatens to destroy not only a childhood friendship, but potentially their entire existence ...

Written by the award-winning British playwright Philip Gawthorne (recently listed as one of the top ten young writers in the UK by Broadcast Magazine) who will be in attendance. Philip's previous plays have been performed across the globe at venues such as David Mamet and William H. Macy's Atlantic Theater Studios in New York, and Kevin Spacey's Old Vic Theatre in London.

The free staged reading of this exciting new play will be in the Cook Theatre on Monday, January, 31st, 2011 @8:00pm

NOTE: This play is rated R for graphic content and is not suitable for all audiences.


Twelve Angry Men in the Wall Street Journal!

I am SO PROUD of my classmates and Rep-mates who are performing in Twelve Angry Men right now.

Look at this incredible write-up they got in the Wall Street Journal!

Twelve Superior Actors

In the photo, you can spot Iceman (Juror 7), D-Train (Juror 6), O.D. (Juror 5), and Killer (Juror 2). Thrill also appears in the play as the Guard.


Promo for La Bete

Two-Shots-Up, Newbie, Killer, All-The-Way, Iceman, O.D., and Thrill are currently appearing in La Bete.

It's a delightfully funny show, written entirely in iambic pentameter rhyming couplets.

Here's a promo video:

Promo for Twelve Angry Men

Killer, D-Train, Iceman, O.D., and Thrill are all currently in Twelve Angry Men.

The show is PHENOMENAL. Seriously great. And I am so proud of them.

Here's a trailer for it:


'Boeing Boeing' Takes Off

An article in a local paper, including quotations from our Director. And the press photo of me and the other air hostesses is at the top. :)

'Boeing Boeing' Takes Off

2011 Rep Company

At the opening of La Bete two weeks ago, the Artistic Director of the theatre decided to introduce all of the members of the Rep Company for the season. My classmates and I are considered "Associate Members" of the Rep, so we were included. :) Here's a photo from the event.

(No, the baby is not part of the company. He's the son of one of the Rep actresses.)

Boeing Boeing Costumes & Set

I thought you might want to see the sketches of our Boeing Boeing costumes and a model of the set. I know it's hard to see, but it might give you an idea of the style of the show.

My costume is the green one on the upper left.

(Click to enlarge)

Hello from Tech

I'm blogging this during a 10-out-of-12 tech rehearsal for Boeing Boeing. In case you're not familiar with that phrase, it means that during a 12-hour period, we rehearse/tech for 10 of those hours. Today, it's 12pm-5pm & 7pm-12am.

I am currently wearing my "Alitalia" uniform. It's a short, tight, low-cut green dress. I also have patterned tights, a Pucci-style neck scarf, white custom-cut lace-up white high heeled boots, a black wig, green earrings, a green hat, and a cream-colored cape. In short, it's the coolest costume I think I've ever had. Ever.

I'm off-stage at the moment, and sitting in my dressing room. This season, I'll be sharing a dressing room with the 4 other ladies in my class. But as Newbie and I are the only students in this show, (and we're never on stage at the same time), the dressing room seems rather quiet and empty at the moment.

We're designing make-up for the show tonight. Luckily, I have more make-up than most people, so we'll probably end up using the make-up I already own for this role. And if there's anything else I need, then I'll acquire it. I like having a large stockpile.

(This photo was taken in August, after a major session of throwing out old make-up. I have acquired more since then. It's getting a little out of hand...)

The hardest part about this tech so far has been adjusting to working with doors. The play is a farce, so it is heavily dependent on doors opening and closing with precise timing. Up until yesterday (when we began tech), we had been in a rehearsal space where the doors were marked out in tape out on the floor. Having to physically open and close doors is a lot different from just walking through the door-designated spaces.

Also tricky: the doorjambs. I'm wearing high-heeled go-go boots. There is a doorjamb at every doorway. And I keep forgetting that they're raised and tripping over them. I'm kind of a disaster.

And then there's my hat. I have a hat as part of my costume. In rehearsals, we blocking that I take off and put on my hat in several instances (and at one point, someone else puts my hat on my head for me). But now I have the real hat (not just a rehearsal prop) and I have a wig on. The only way to make the hat stay on the wig is to affix it with hairpins. It's not easy to undo and redo hairpins on stage. I don't know if we'll end up re-blocking things so that I do less business with the hat, or if I'll just have to practice. The costume designer and the head of the costume shop suggested that they might be able to put a comb into the hat instead of pins, but it might mess up the style of the wig. It's all up in the air at the moment.

I also have to get into the habit of stepping into good lighting. Things get re-blocked by small degrees once you're on stage just because of where the lighting hits the stage. If you're a couple inches to the left, you might be in shadow. You have to hit every mark, which means the blocking gets more specific.

We're working through it. And it's already on the right track. We're a lot further along in the play than I thought we would be at this point. It's actually going really well, and is less stressful than most techs. But there's still a lot to learn.


Boeing Boeing Photo!

I know I've been away from this blog for too long. And I do mean to come back...

We're starting tech for Boeing Boeing tomorrow. I just saw this banner on my theatre's homepage, and I thought you might like to see it.

I'm on the left, Rep actress K.H. is center, and my classmate Newbie is on the right.

It's going to be a fun show. :)