Boeing Boeing Scenes Video

A little video of Boeing Boeing. Can you spot me?


Conservatory Students at Guild Meeting

I was invited to a Guild meeting this week, but was unable to attend.

A few of my classmates did, though! Check out this video, with Two-Shots-Up, Iceman, and D-Train.


Free Staged Reading: 01/31/11

Hey everybody!

I'm doing a Late Night this coming Monday, and I thought I should mention it here. Sorry for the late notice, but please come if you can. It's a free staged reading, very casual. My boyfriend is in town from London. He's a fantastic (award-winning) playwright and screenwriter, so we're doing a reading of one of his plays. It's rated-R for graphic/violent content, but it's only a reading (so the violence/sex will not be staged... just read in stage directions).

Please come if you can. Information below. :)



Monday, January 31st @8pm

"The Thrill of the Chase"
by Philip Gawthorne

Starring: Devereau Chumrau, Dane Dandridge Clark, Jesse Dornan, and Angela Sauer
Directed by Nick Tierce

A provocative drama that explores themes of masculinity, religion, and loyalty through an explosive conflict between two lifelong friends.

When Nicky reneges on their break-up pact, Charlie proposes a dark wager which threatens to destroy not only a childhood friendship, but potentially their entire existence ...

Written by the award-winning British playwright Philip Gawthorne (recently listed as one of the top ten young writers in the UK by Broadcast Magazine) who will be in attendance. Philip's previous plays have been performed across the globe at venues such as David Mamet and William H. Macy's Atlantic Theater Studios in New York, and Kevin Spacey's Old Vic Theatre in London.

The free staged reading of this exciting new play will be in the Cook Theatre on Monday, January, 31st, 2011 @8:00pm

NOTE: This play is rated R for graphic content and is not suitable for all audiences.


Twelve Angry Men in the Wall Street Journal!

I am SO PROUD of my classmates and Rep-mates who are performing in Twelve Angry Men right now.

Look at this incredible write-up they got in the Wall Street Journal!

Twelve Superior Actors

In the photo, you can spot Iceman (Juror 7), D-Train (Juror 6), O.D. (Juror 5), and Killer (Juror 2). Thrill also appears in the play as the Guard.


Promo for La Bete

Two-Shots-Up, Newbie, Killer, All-The-Way, Iceman, O.D., and Thrill are currently appearing in La Bete.

It's a delightfully funny show, written entirely in iambic pentameter rhyming couplets.

Here's a promo video:

Promo for Twelve Angry Men

Killer, D-Train, Iceman, O.D., and Thrill are all currently in Twelve Angry Men.

The show is PHENOMENAL. Seriously great. And I am so proud of them.

Here's a trailer for it:


'Boeing Boeing' Takes Off

An article in a local paper, including quotations from our Director. And the press photo of me and the other air hostesses is at the top. :)

'Boeing Boeing' Takes Off

2011 Rep Company

At the opening of La Bete two weeks ago, the Artistic Director of the theatre decided to introduce all of the members of the Rep Company for the season. My classmates and I are considered "Associate Members" of the Rep, so we were included. :) Here's a photo from the event.

(No, the baby is not part of the company. He's the son of one of the Rep actresses.)

Boeing Boeing Costumes & Set

I thought you might want to see the sketches of our Boeing Boeing costumes and a model of the set. I know it's hard to see, but it might give you an idea of the style of the show.

My costume is the green one on the upper left.

(Click to enlarge)

Hello from Tech

I'm blogging this during a 10-out-of-12 tech rehearsal for Boeing Boeing. In case you're not familiar with that phrase, it means that during a 12-hour period, we rehearse/tech for 10 of those hours. Today, it's 12pm-5pm & 7pm-12am.

I am currently wearing my "Alitalia" uniform. It's a short, tight, low-cut green dress. I also have patterned tights, a Pucci-style neck scarf, white custom-cut lace-up white high heeled boots, a black wig, green earrings, a green hat, and a cream-colored cape. In short, it's the coolest costume I think I've ever had. Ever.

I'm off-stage at the moment, and sitting in my dressing room. This season, I'll be sharing a dressing room with the 4 other ladies in my class. But as Newbie and I are the only students in this show, (and we're never on stage at the same time), the dressing room seems rather quiet and empty at the moment.

We're designing make-up for the show tonight. Luckily, I have more make-up than most people, so we'll probably end up using the make-up I already own for this role. And if there's anything else I need, then I'll acquire it. I like having a large stockpile.

(This photo was taken in August, after a major session of throwing out old make-up. I have acquired more since then. It's getting a little out of hand...)

The hardest part about this tech so far has been adjusting to working with doors. The play is a farce, so it is heavily dependent on doors opening and closing with precise timing. Up until yesterday (when we began tech), we had been in a rehearsal space where the doors were marked out in tape out on the floor. Having to physically open and close doors is a lot different from just walking through the door-designated spaces.

Also tricky: the doorjambs. I'm wearing high-heeled go-go boots. There is a doorjamb at every doorway. And I keep forgetting that they're raised and tripping over them. I'm kind of a disaster.

And then there's my hat. I have a hat as part of my costume. In rehearsals, we blocking that I take off and put on my hat in several instances (and at one point, someone else puts my hat on my head for me). But now I have the real hat (not just a rehearsal prop) and I have a wig on. The only way to make the hat stay on the wig is to affix it with hairpins. It's not easy to undo and redo hairpins on stage. I don't know if we'll end up re-blocking things so that I do less business with the hat, or if I'll just have to practice. The costume designer and the head of the costume shop suggested that they might be able to put a comb into the hat instead of pins, but it might mess up the style of the wig. It's all up in the air at the moment.

I also have to get into the habit of stepping into good lighting. Things get re-blocked by small degrees once you're on stage just because of where the lighting hits the stage. If you're a couple inches to the left, you might be in shadow. You have to hit every mark, which means the blocking gets more specific.

We're working through it. And it's already on the right track. We're a lot further along in the play than I thought we would be at this point. It's actually going really well, and is less stressful than most techs. But there's still a lot to learn.


Boeing Boeing Photo!

I know I've been away from this blog for too long. And I do mean to come back...

We're starting tech for Boeing Boeing tomorrow. I just saw this banner on my theatre's homepage, and I thought you might like to see it.

I'm on the left, Rep actress K.H. is center, and my classmate Newbie is on the right.

It's going to be a fun show. :)