Sunday, March 23

I got another email from my movement professor.

Another book that is good is Through The Body by Dymphna Callery. Available US and UK. Either The Body Speaks or Through the Body are good introductions to the sort of work we will do together, plus ballet for actors, period dance, and heightened style of physical comedy and text.

I bought all three books. I bought handweights. I dusted off my Belly Dance DVD. I shook my head and said, "Let the games begin."

Monday, March 17

My first homework showed up in my inbox on March 17th, from my Movement Professor.

1. Work on your fitness: aerobic, anaerobic, and flexibility and flow. Running, speed walking, treadmills, elliptical machines, and swimming are good for aerobic work. Cybex, Nautilus, Free Weights, Pilates, and Power Yoga are good for anaerobic work. Anaerobic work builds your stamina for voice and also ups your metabolism, helping you to use caleries well and to burn more fat, thus becoming leaner. Flexibility and Flow can be address through yoga, stretching classes, or body rolling work.

2. Read two books:

Patsy Rodenberg's new book for everyday people: "Presence" (U.S. title "The Second Circle") published in 2007 and available through Amazon US and UK. This is a lovely
introduction to easeful alignment and use of the body/mind to find the same. It has good ideas for working on your own in life and work.

Lorna Marshall's "The Body Speaks". Several former students have found this book a good introduction to the focus of much of our training here at the Conservatory. Though I do not subscribe to all of her ideas it does present the sort of study you are about to embark upon -- which is both creative and skill based and equally focused on good body use and alignment and creative skills in realistic and heightened styles.

Again, these are not required books, but are helpful as introductions to the work.